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Technology Articles

Backing Up Your Critical Files and P Drive Space

Thu, Jun 4th

The only security we have to ensure that your computer files are backed up is if you save your work to your P drive. P drive files are stored on your site's file server and are backed up on a regular basis by our department. Critical files can be ...

To Move Quickly Between Multiple Applications:

Tue, Nov 30th

To Move Quickly Between Multiple Applications:

Alt + Tab is the trick here! If you are working on your computer and moving between one application and another (i.e. from your e-mail to your word processor and back to your e-mail), then you can use ...

Password Protecting Documents

Wed, Jan 12th

When emailing documents or PDF files, users may wish to password protect the file for security reasons. Here are the steps on how to do this if it's a PDF file or a document.

Password Protecting a PDF file:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Professional is required...

P-drive Access Anywhere Anytime (NetStorage)

Fri, Jan 21st

P drive access has been available to district staff using FTP since 2006. Now, we are pleased to announce our new NetStorage solution that is more user-friendly and can be accessed from any location that has an Internet connection anytime 24/7:


Printer Default Settings

Wed, Aug 6th

Anytime your PC is refreshed, your default printer may not always reset to the previous setting. Staff or students may follow these two simple steps to easily change the default printer:

1) Go to: Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes

2) Right-click...

Shutting Down Daily

Mon, Oct 9th

The district requests that all users shut down their PCs, monitors and printers daily.

Here are just a few important reasons to do so:

--Power/Energy SavingsMany of you are already aware of the district's campaign to save energy costs district-wide....

Software Installation For Workstations With Windows OS

Mon, Aug 23rd

Why does my network administrator not allow me to install software or download programs on my own?

Network administrators discourage users from installing new programs because the results can be unpredictable. Every time you install new software on...

Finding Your Way Around an Apple iPad or an Android Tablet

Tue, Jul 2nd

IS&T supports the Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices only on campuses where District Wi-Fi is available. We also assist the schools that have "district-approved" pilots with distribution of apps to tablets. Employees are encouraged to reference ...

Apple iPads FAQ For SLCUSD

Tue, Jul 22nd

The  Apple Deployment Program  allows SLCUSD to manage iPads.  Read why  here

Illuminate Staff Login

Thu, Sep 3rd

The staff login page is located at

You will need to use the Google button to login

Faxing with Uniflow

Fri, Jan 15th

  1. The district has decided to implement XMEDIUS as your fax server. This software allows you to;
    1. Fax from the copier – An automatic fax cover sheet will be created for you (see attached example)
    2. Fax from your desktop – An automatic fax cov...