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Facility Master Plan

During the 2013-14 school year, San Luis Coastal Unified School District worked with PMSM Architects to update its Facility Master Plan. This process included updating educational specifications, conducting a needs assessment, and putting together a vision for potential facility plans throughout the district. It provides macro-level information about the buildings, grounds, existing conditions, and enrollment within the district and overlays it on each site to help visualize the potential transformation into a more optimal facility for teaching and learning. A website was created to centralize all the data in an easy to understand, readily accessible format. This document will aid SLCUSD in making long-range facilities planning decisions about future new construction, modernization, and deferred maintenance projects.

On June 24, 2014, the Board passed a resolution to place a General Obligation bond measure on the November 2014 ballot. These funds will allow the District to complete some of the projects outlined in the Facility Master Plan. Should the bond measure pass, San Luis Obispo High School and Morro Bay High School – both of which show the most need according to the study – will be the focus. Most of the money from Measure A funds (the tax override which was extended in 1990 and paid off in 2001), went to upgrading the elementary and middle schools, which overall are functioning effectively. The high schools and other sites that did not receive renovations under Measure A will receive the majority of the renovation funded by this current bond measure.

The bond measure could potentially generate $177 million. With the total cost of the projects in the Facility Master Plan at close to $400 million, the Board created a prioritized list and continue to look for available funds to make progress on these needed improvements.

Components of the Facility Master Plan

1. Education Specifications

The Education Specifications focuses on two main points: (1) what and how are we teaching (2) what facilities are needed. These documents will be used by architects and planners as the guide to develop our projects. They were created through a collaborative effort of SLCUSD educators, administrators, facilities managers, parents, community members, planners, and architects.

The Education Specifications bridge the education program with physical requirements for 21st Century learning. Although this document covers development expected over the course of many years, it should be reviewed and updated annually in order for it to remain complimentary to the district’s future programs as curriculum and educational trends and goals are modified.

2. Needs Assessment

Analysis of current facilities, landscaping, furnishings, equipment, and materials at each of the district’s sites. The needs assessment rates each of these areas using a scale system.

3. Site Master Plans

The Site Master Plans overlays the needs assessments and educational specifications on each site to see how they can be transformed into an optimal facility based on the educational goals and objectives we have as a district and community. Following each plan is a budget for the possible projects at each site. These budgets are not an indication of actual plans and the list is not prioritized.