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1. If you want to register your student born between September 2 and December 2 for Transitional Kindergarten, please complete the Transitional Kindergarten Registration Forms and the additional forms below and email or mail them to your school of residence.

Transitional Kindergarten Registration Form - Eng

2. If your child was born on or before September 1, and you want to enroll in Kindergarten, please complete the attached forms and email or mail them to your school of residence.

3. If you are enrolling your student in grades 1 - 12, please complete the attached forms and mail them to your school of residence.

4. When registering your student(s), please also mail your student's proof of age, proof of residence and your student's Immunization records.

Due to COVID-19, the registration forms are attached. Please complete the forms and email or mail them to your School of Residence, aka neighborhood school.

You must reside within the boundaries of San Luis Coastal Unified School District to request Baywood Elementary, Pacheco Elementary or Teach Elementary.

1. Si desea registrar a su estudiante nacido entre el 2 de septiembre y el 2 de diciembre para el Kindergarten de transición, complete los Formularios de inscripción para el Kindergarten Transicional y los formularios adicionales a continuación y envíelos por correo electrónico o por correo a su escuela de residencia.

Formulario de inscripción para el kínder transicional - español

2. Si su hijo nació el 1 de septiembre o antes, y desea inscribirse en Kindergarten, complete los formularios adjuntos y envíelos por correo electrónico o por correo o a su escuela de residencia.

3. Si está inscribiendo a su estudiante en los grados 1 a 12, complete los formularios adjuntos y envíelos a su escuela de residencia

4. Al registrar a su (s) estudiante (s), envíe también por correo la prueba de edad, la prueba de residencia y los registros de vacunación de su estudiante.

Debido a COVID-19, se adjuntan los formularios de inscripción. Complete los formularios y envíelos por correo electrónico o por correo a su escuela de residencia, también conocida como escuela de vecindario.

Debe residir dentro de los límites del Distrito Escolar Unificado Costero de San Luis para solicitar Baywood Elementary, Pacheco Elementary o Teach Elementary.

Kindergarten Registration Flyer

Emergency Card - English

Emergency Card - Spanish

Student Information Card - English

Student Information Card - Spanish

Home Language Survey - English

Home Language Survey - Spanish

Confidential Student Information for School Nurse - English

Confidential Student Information for School Nurse - Spanish


  • Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5117
  • SLSUSD will accept and process requests for subsequent school year starting May 1,2020.
  • For reasons of approval or denial of a request, please refer to link above for BP/AR 5117.
  • The interdistrict transfer request must start in the district of residence of where the student resides.
  • If the request is denied, you have the right to appeal within 30 days of the denial. If the denial is upheld, you have 30 days to appeal to the County Board of Education.
  • Failure to adhere to timelines will be deemed an abandonment of the request.
  • Interdistrict transfers maybe revoked or rescinded per Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5117.

Interdistrict Transfer Requests will be processed as follows:

  • Notify the parent submitting a current year request of its final decision within 30 calendar days of receipt;
  • Notify the parent submitting a future year request of it decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after the start of the instruction in the school year for which the transfer is sought;
  • Provide written notice of the parents' right to appeal to the County Board of Education within 30 calendar days from the final date of denial;
  • Provisionally admit students to a requested district; based on their evidence that a final decision is pending with a district of residence, proposed district, or County Board of Education.

Pupil Residency: Pupils of Military Families:

Existing law provides an exception to the residency requirements for a student whose parent is transferred to or is pending transfer to a military installation with the state while on active military duty pursuant to an official military order. AB 2949 adds section 48204.6 to the Education Code to require a local educational agency to permit a student who meets certain criteria to continue attending the students's "school of origin" during that school year, regardless of any change of residence of the military family. If the student's status changes due to end of military service, then the student is allowed to stay in the school of origin for the remainder of the academic year if he or she is between grades 1-8, or through graduation if the student is enrolled in high school. The new law effectively mirrors the laws related to protecting foster youth and homeless children, who are also susceptible to frequent school changes. 

Interdistrict Transfers out of San Luis Coastal Unified School District:

Please complete the following form and drop off or email to Allow 30 days for processing. 

Interdistrict Transfer Request 2020-21

Formulario de solicitud de transferencia interdistrital - 2020-21


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), San Luis Coastal Unified School District will not be hosting foreign exchange students for the 2020-2021 school year. We look forward to hosting students for the 2021-2022 school year.