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Health Benefits

Plans and Premiums for Active Employees

2018-19 - Premiums for Packages 1-8

2018-19 - Premiums for ACA Plans

2018-19 - Premiums for Part-time 10 Month Classified Employees  

2018-19 - Premiums for Part-time 11 Month Certificated Employees

2018-19 - Premiums for Part-time 12 month Employees

Summaries of Medical Benefits and Coverages

Side by Side Comparison of Medical Plans

80% Coverage $40 Copay (Plans 1 and 5)

80% Coverage $30 Copay (Plans 2 and 6)

90% Coverage $30 Copay (Plans 3 and 7)

100% Coverage $20 Copay (Plans 4 and 8)

ACA Plan

Retiree Information

Retiree Insurance Information

Premiums for Retirees

24 hour nurse helpline (for Companion Care subscribers ONLY)

Dental and Vision Information

Dental Insurance Options and Vision Plan Details

Find dentists in your area

Other Benefits included with your enrollment

SISC Flex Plan (Section 125)

How can a Flex Plan save you money?

Flex Plan Store (not endorsed by SLCUSD)

SISC Value Added Services

Discounts on Services

Condition Care - Health Support Programs (e.g. diabetes, heart disease)

Free Shingles Vaccine (over 60)

Advanced Medical Opinions

Costco Prescription Program

Employee Assistance Program

Identity Theft Assistance

Elder Care

Counseling Services

Referral Services

MD Live - Avoid a costly trip to the doctor for many routine matters

Solera4me - Healthy Lifestyle/Weightloss Support

TruHearing - Hearing Aid discounts

Active and Fit Direct

Active and Fit FAQs

Carrom Health Surgery Benefit

Informational Websites

Anthem Blue Cross - SISC

VSP - Vision Plan

Delta Dental of California

Interactive Delta Website for children (English)

Interactive Delta Website for children (Spanish)

Navitas Health Solutions - Prescription Plan

Navia Benefit Solutions - Flex plan for child care and health care expenses

Employee Forms and Tools

Apps for your mobile device

Anthem Blue Cross (for android)

Anthem Blue Cross (for iphone)

MD Live

Navia Benefit Solutions (Flex plan)


Change name or add/drop a dependent (submit to Human Resources)

Navia Flex Reimbursement Claim form (submit to Navia)

Member Claim Form (submit to Anthem Blue Cross)


Health Care Basics

How Does Medical Insurance Work?

Plan Selection Calculator -  which plan makes sense for me?  

How to print a temporary medical insurance ID card

How to print an ID card for Delta Dental insurance

Life Insurance Calculator - How much life insurance do I need?

What is a Health Savings Account?  (Only available for ACA plan subscribers)

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