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Student Success Team (SST)

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The Student Success Team (SST) provides a support team to discuss strategies for students in the general education program. By meeting regularly and having standardized procedures, the team members become well informed of the resources available within the school site and within the community to meet the needs of students. The SST process can be instrumental in disseminating teaching and classroom management strategy information, adaptations, and modifications to the curriculum to better meet the student's needs within the least restrictive environment. The process will ensure students are offered tiered interventions in order to support their educational needs.


Anyone concerned about a student may make a referral to the SST. This referral may come from a teacher, counselor, parent, administrator, or student. A member of the school staff, usually the teacher most involved with the student completes the referral form. (Refer to school SST handbook for procedures and forms published annually by Student Support Services.) These forms generally contain information regarding: reasons for referral, previous interventions, information from all teachers, observation (classroom or other appropriate setting), parent questionnaire regarding observations, concerns and strengths, and background information (education, family, medical)

The SST chair coordinates and sends the schedule and agenda of the SST meeting to all members and facilitates the meeting.

Response to Intervention

The SST will match resources with student need in academics, social emotional, and behavior. A tiered approach for the delivery of intervention will be available for identified students struggling to meet grade level expectations. Documentation of instruction, duration and the effectiveness of each intervention will be provided to the parent and student. The SST will support staff in providing a tiered model of interventions in order to increase student success. The SST will assist the staff in identifying those students who may need short-term intervention and those who may benefit from the expertise of the Special Education Staff.

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