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The goal of our Preschool Early Education Program (PEEP) is to improve outcomes for preschool aged children with disabilities and their families by providing individualized educational services that are evidence based, developmentally appropriate, and linked to the standards provided by the California Preschool Learning Foundations. These services are provided within a variety of caring environments that promote each child's social, emotional, physical, communication and cognitive development. We view each child as an individual with unique strengths and utilize these strengths in partnering with families to ensure that each child attains his or her full potential.


are designed to offer the least restrictive environment while increasing or decreasing support as a child's needs or learning readiness changes or improves.

1.  Preschool Early Communication & School Readiness:

At PEEP, special education services are provided in a preschool-like setting. Children who attend PEEP generally also attend a community based preschool. The PEEP program offers additional support in areas of need. The program provides structured educationally play based experiences and activities where child and parent learn together to develop communication and school readiness skills. Services are provided during small group sessions and parents are encouraged to attend sessions with their child.

2.  Inclusive Preschool Available at:

Baywood Elementary              

Hawthorne Elementary         

C.L. Smith Elementary          

SLCUSD offers "Success for All" Preschool classrooms throughout the district. Three of our elementary schools are home to the district's inclusive model in which children with special needs attend alongside their typically developing peers. Children's learning experiences are expanded by access to children who serve as language, social, and play models. The classroom is supported by an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, as well as a Speech Language Pathologist and classroom aides.

3.  Intensive Preschool

Little Stars    Little Bears     Little Eagles 

Early intervention Preschool Programs are provided free to children ages 3-TK (can sometimes include children who are 5) living in San Luis Coastal Unified School District (SLCUSD).  These programs focus on children whose language and/or developmental skills are delayed and meet eligibility criteria.  Eligibility is determined after a screening and developmental assessment is completed.  Parents and school staff work together to assess children's needs and decide upon appropriate placement.  

The classrooms support success with a low child-to-staff ratio, a structured and consistent environment, and visual supports. These classrooms provide access to model peers, to provide support for language, social and play skills. Classrooms are located at C.L. Smith Elementary (Little Stars), Baywood Elementary (Little Bears), and Hawthorne Elementary (Little Eagles).


SLCUSD offers a wide array of services that are available to those students who qualify. Our specialists include: Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, School Psychologists, School Nurses, and Adaptive Physical Education Teacher. 

We also contract with San Luis County Office of Education for the following services: Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Low Incidence, Orthopedic, Vision/Orientation & Mobility.


Call the PEEP program at 805.596.4074 for an appointment.

The PEEP staff will discuss your concerns, the evaluation process and provide typical developmental information.  Should your child qualify for assessment, the PEEP staff will assess your child (with parent present) in areas of concern.  The results will be presented to you with recommendations that may include enrollment in an Early Intervention Preschool Program and/or suggested home activities for you and your child.

If your child qualifies for special education services, you will meet with the PEEP staff, and other staff/agencies if necessary to develop goals and objectives to meet your child's individual needs in an Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

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