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In compliance with the Federal Rehabilitation Act, students with disabilities may be eligible for additional accommodation or services while in the regular education classroom. Students eligible for 504 accommodations are identified through the schools’ Student Study Team process. Classroom teachers are an integral part of this process and participate in identifying and implementing accommodations for students so they may be successful in school.

Please contact the 504 coordinator at each school site for questions.

Baywood Elementary School 805-534-2856
Bishop’s Peak Elementary School 805-596-4030
Del Mar Elementary School 805-771-1858
Hawthorne Elementary School 805-596-4070
Los Ranchos Elementary School 805-596-4075
Monarch Grove Elementary School 805-534-2844
Pacheco Elementary School 805-596-4081
Sinsheimer Elementary School 805-596-4088
C.L. Smith Elementary School 805-596-4094
C.E. Teacher Elementary School 805-596-4100
Laguna Middle School 805-596-4055
Los Osos Middle School 805-534-2835
Morro Bay High School 805-771-1845
Pacific Beach High School 805-596-4023
San Luis Obispo High School 805-596-4040


          Office of Civil Rights Contact:

United State Department of Education Office of Civil Rights

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