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A personnel commission is a nonpartisan public body responsible for the administration of a "merit system" for the selection, retention and promotion of classified (non-teaching) employees in a public school district.  By law it is composed of three members appointed for three-year terms with the term of one member expiring each year.  For all personnel commissions established since 1965, one commissioner is appointed by the governing board of the district, one by the governing board upon recommendation of classified employees of the district, and the third by the other two commissioners.  (California Education Code 45240 to 45320)

Commissions have a three-fold responsibility:  (1) to cooperate with the governing board and administrators in the quest for competent employees and good personnel administration, (2) to represent the interests of the general public by providing a personnel system dedicated to hiring and keeping good workers in the service of the jurisdiction, and (3) to see that classified employees receive fair and equitable treatment.

Julie Jones, Chairperson

Commissioner Appointed by Governing Board

Term Ends December 1, 2021

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Rebecca French, Vice-Chairperson

Commissioner Appointed by Commission Members

Term ends December 1, 2022

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Jennifer Myers

Commissioner Appointed by Classified Employees

Term Ends December 1, 2023

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