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School Counselors

If you have a social-emotional concern about a student, the School Counselor at your school should be your first contact for assistance.

The School Counselors in San Luis Coastal Unified School District are committed to providing a coordinated and consistent program of services to all students. They implement schoolwide programs and presentations for students, staff and families promoting student wellness, suicide prevention & intervention, trauma informed practices, academic planning and career exploration. Classroom lessons and schoolwide activities focus on the SEL Competencies; Social Awareness, Self Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. Our School Counselors provide short-term small group and individual counseling based on student needs and collaborate with school staff and outside agencies to refer students in need of intervention.Our School Counselors at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels are PPS Credentialed and hold themselves to the highest standards. School Counselors work closely with their site Administration, as well as community agencies to help support the whole child.

School Counselor on Special Assignment Shelley Benson email Shelley

Elementary School Counselors

Baywood (805) 534-2856

Maribel Chavez email Maribel

Bishop’s Peak (805) 596-4030

Mary Kay Stratton email Mary Kay

Del Mar (805) 771-1858

Angela Ryals email Angela

C.L. Smith (805) 596-4094

Maribel Chavez email Maribel

Hawthorne (805) 596-4070

Karla Robles email Karla

Los Ranchos (805) 596-4075

Mary Kay Stratton email Mary Kay

Monarch Grove (805) 534-2844

Daina Catlin email Daina

Pacheco (805) 596-4081 

Karla Robles email Karla

Sinsheimer (805) 596-4088

Daina Catlin email Daina

Teach (805) 596-4100

Mary Kay Stratton email Mary Kay

Secondary School Counselors

Laguna Middle School (805) 596-4055

Laguna MS Counseling

Mary Sanchez-Allwein email Mary

Buffy Anderson email Buffy

Los Osos Middle School (805) 534-2835

Los Osos MS Counseling

Denise Baca email Denise

Buffy Anderson email Buffy

Morro Bay High School (805) 771-1845

MBHS Counseling

Jennifer Sheridan email Jennifer

Elena Smith email Elena

San Luis High School (805) 596-4040

SLOHS Counseling

Kerry Ingles email Kerry

Ruben Montero email Ruben

Heather Senecal email Heather

Chris Inman  email Chris

Cuesta Specialist

Ally Dexter email Ally

“A counseling program is an integral component of the educational system and is vital in preparing and assisting students to be successful, lifelong learners. School Counselors assist students in making decisions, managing emotions, coping with crises, overcoming barriers to learning, and seeking access to the core curriculum. School Counselors help students set short and long term goals, improve attendance, reduce and resolve conflicts, and prevent youth suicide. They work to create a positive learning environment; teach self-management skills; act as advocates for all students; and provide relevant academic, career, and personal/social counseling to enable students to make informed decisions toward achieving their future goals. School Counselors are trained educators possessing a valid credential with a specialization in pupil personnel services (California Education Code Section 49600).”

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