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With the school being closed for the next several weeks, demand for substitutes will be extremely limited.  If you have been employed as a substitute with the District for at least 90 days, you are eligible to use up to 24 hours of paid sick leave during this time.  To submit a request for paid sick leave, complete this form  and return it to Brittani Schultz in Human Resources (  If you have had a job cancelled, include that confirmation number.  If not, write SCHOOL CLOSURE in the confirmation number box on the form.  Any remaining sick leave balance will be paid after we receive your form.

In addition, the Governor's Emergency Order regarding work closures due to the COVID19 outbreak waives the 7 day waiting period for unemployment insurance eligibility.    Refer to the EDD website for more information on your filing eligibility.


In order to work for San Luis Coastal, substitute teachers must have either a valid California teaching credential or a 30-day Substitute Teaching Emergency Permit. Substitutes work a half-day (3 hours and 30 minutes or less) for $62.50 or a full-day for $125.  Long term sub assignment lasting at least 20 days are paid at $150 per day.


San Luis Coastal hires various classifications of substitutes to serve as support staff when our regular employees are away from their assignments. Each application is paper screened, then candidates are selected for group interviews. This process can take as long as a month.


Actually, we are! We have changed the hiring procedures for substitutes. We are now running the recruitments as we do for permanent employees. Once a posting closes, we hold group interviews, then forward hiring packets to substitutes we would like to hire. Once paperwork is returned (including fingerprint and TB clearances), the substitutes go through an orientation. Once paperwork has been processed for these new substitutes, we start the recruitment process again! You can access a list of current job openings for San Luis Coastal from our home page--just click on "Current Job Openings." Substitute applications are available online only when we have a need for substitutes, so check back frequently.


If you are student teaching in our District and would like to substitute for your cooperating teacher, please complete the Student Teacher Application .  Prior to substitute teaching, you will also need to complete employment paperwork and attend a group orientation, held on a monthly basis. Once your paperwork is received and reviewed, you will receive further instructions.

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