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The intent of this San Luis Coastal Unified School District Reentry Plan for the 2020-21 school year is to provide an opportunity for students to return to the classroom learning environment – whether virtually or in-person - in a safe, thoughtful, and coordinated way. Any level of school reentry will have some risk to students, staff, and the community of increased virus transmission of the disease. This reentry plan offers methods and guidance that aim to minimize transmission rates, provide educational opportunities, and enable District schools to be adaptive and flexible to changing conditions.

Over the course of time, we will continue to learn more about COVID-19, the virus will likely mutate and change, and trends and conditions in our local communities will spike, flatten and diminish. This Plan has been created to respond to the changing situation by incorporating different plan levels within this one framework.

Based on the virus transmission rates at any given time, our schools will be prepared to move between plan levels to best address the current protective measures needed while providing continuous learning. This approach allows the district to flexibly respond to public health necessities while implementing the highest level of engagement possible for students at any given time. Schools within the District may be operating on at a different Plan Level simultaneously due to operational need or disease transmission.

Students have varying levels of comprehension—their behavior and ability to follow directions differ. Therefore, any plan that the District implements must be met with universal acceptance as well as the understanding that all will work in good faith to meet the intent of the Plan and not the absolute letter of the Plan.

Families will have the option of the Virtual Learning Program in place of Plan A or Plan B1 & B2. This is an improved version of the Spring emergency distance learning. This is to accommodate students, families, and staff that need or desire it.


Normal:No mandated physical distancing. COVID-19 is no longer a threat to school, although administrators will respond should there be a viral reemergence.

Plan A: Classrooms filled to reasonable spacing. Mitigation measures. Provide physical distancing within limitations of space. Modifications will be made for band, PE, theater, choir, special events & sports etc.

Plan B1: Full school schedule (5 days) for all students. Meet the intention of 6-feet physical distancing requirements to the extent possible. Occupancy allows for a 6-foot bubble around all students and staff in classrooms to the extent possible. Full school schedule for all students. Face coverings will be worn at school.

Plan B2: Two cohort schedule (combine in class & distance learning). Meet the intention of 6-feet physical distancing requirements to the extent possible. Occupancy allows for a 6-foot bubble around all students and staff to the extent possible. Two cohorts schedule half in class, half schedule distance learning. Face coverings will be worn at school.

Plan C: Transition to Distance Learning. Distance learning implemented; physical campuses closed unless there are waivers for in person instruction.