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FAQs About SLCUSD's Response to COVID-19

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Virtual Learning Program

What is the difference between the Virtual Learning Program and Distance Learning

The VLP is designed for those who choose not to return to in-person instruction under any circumstances for the entirety of the 2020-21 school year. To help families in the decision making process, please review this informational document regarding the Virtual Learning Program which includes helpful graphics to show the differences in the structure of the programs. 

What is the deadline to sign up for the Virtual Learning Program?

The deadline to register for the Virtual Learning Program is July 24, 2020. 

Now that the district has decided to move into a distance learning plan, can I disenroll from the VLP?

If you signed up for VLP but now wish to return to school on the district’s reopening schools plan, currently Plan C, for the 2020-21 school year, then email Jessica Rodriguez and include your child’s name, school, and the email address you signed up with to:

San Luis Obispo High School Semester Model

Why did San Luis Obispo High School switch to the semester model?

In order to address multiple student and staff needs regarding distance learning, access to extracurricular programs, and the potential for in-person learning at some point during the year, we were forced to develop a hybrid learning model (Plan B2) across the district - especially at our secondary schools. Plan B2 requires in-person a.m. and p.m. cohorts in order to reduce the numbers of students at school during any given time. After much discussion and deliberation with our site administrative teams from all of our secondary schools, we agreed Plan B2 could be best accomplished with a common 6-period semester schedule at all school sites, giving all students the same finals week and natural breaks over the holidays. A semester system minimizes transitions between teachers and students throughout the year which is a key component to keeping students and staff safe in Plan B2. This is a one-year shift due to a global pandemic. In light of these challenging circumstances, we believe it is the right decision as we transition between distance learning and in-person learning models throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 

Will AP Courses and extracurricular activities still be offered?

All AP courses will continue to be offered. Extra curricular activities (athletics, band and choir) will take place after the school day ends (students participating in these activities will have seven classes). This will allow students who choose the Virtual Learning Program to attend activity after school. This also opens up elective options for students during the day.

What about my student's CTE capstone classes?

We will ensure that students in CTE capstone classes are offered for pathway completion. Some initial pathway courses may be on a one year hiatus for 9th-10th grade students. If the CTE pathway teacher needs to opt out of Distance Learning, then the course may not be offered.

Will this change the number credits required for graduation?

Every student on campus 2020-21 will require 15 fewer credits. Graduation requirements will change from 265 to 250 for our 2020-2021 graduation seniors.


How can I find childcare?

The following agencies are working with San Luis Coastal to provide childcare:

Financial assistance is available for each of the programs.

Is there childcare available for preschool or TK students?

For programs that support younger children, please contact CAPSLO.

General Questions

What can you tell me about the SATs?

Please visit this site for information on the SATs, including registration and current college admission information.

Will my student still be able to get meals through Food Services?

Yes. Weekly meals will continue to be provided to students by Food Services.