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March 24, 2023 Family Communication



  • March 24-28: Spring Break
  • April 4 @ 6: MBHS 9th Grade Registration Night
  • April 5 @ 7: MBHS POPS Choir Concert
  • April 6 @ 5:30: MBHS Open House
  • April 7 - No School
  • April 12 @ 5: PBHS Open House
  • April 13 @ 5:30: BA Family STEAM Night
  • April 13-14 @ 7: MBHS Drama Presents “Addams Family”
  • April 18 @ 6: SLCUSD Board Meeting
  • April 21 - LOMS Tough Two Event


Dr. Eric Prater, Superintendent

Spring Break is next week and the storm clouds have finally lifted. For the moment. I hope you find time to do something fun and interesting with friends, family, or simply by yourself. When we return, the final stretch of the school year will be upon us and I’m excited to celebrate all that spring brings to a school district. 

Women’s History Month
As Superintendent of Schools, I am proud to share with you why celebrating Women's HIstory Month is important for everyone. This month gives us the opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to the immense contributions that women have made and continue to make in our society. Women's achievements and struggles have often been overlooked or undervalued throughout history. However, Women's History Month provides a dedicated time to honor their contributions to politics, art, history, education, and countless other fields. This recognition helps to bring attention to the accomplishments of women and pushes us to strive for gender equality.

Celebrating Women's History Month is especially important in education. As educators, we have an obligation to provide students with diverse perspectives and role models. When we highlight the achievements of women, we empower young girls to pursue their dreams and provide positive examples for young boys. Additionally, acknowledging the struggles faced by women helps to promote empathy and understanding among all students. Finally, celebrating Women's History Month is important for the overall health and wellness of our communities. By promoting gender equality, we foster a more accepting and inclusive society. When everyone is able to reach their full potential, our communities can thrive.

I encourage all members of our community to take this opportunity to learn about and appreciate the contributions of women throughout history. Together, we can work towards a more equitable and just society.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some key elements of Ramadan, an important and holy month for Muslims around the world. Ramadan is an annual month-long observance during which Muslims engage in various acts of devotion, self-reflection, and charity. The month takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and is a time for spiritual renewal and growth. It is important for everyone to understand the significance of Ramadan and how it impacts our Muslim students and families.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, refraining from food, drink, and other physical needs. This practice is an act of worship and discipline, helping Muslims to focus on spiritual and moral development, as well as empathy and compassion for those in need. Ramadan also involves increasing one's commitment to prayer, reading the Quran, and engaging in acts of charity. As a school community, it is important for us to recognize and respect the significance of Ramadan for our Muslim students and staff. We should be mindful that fasting may impact students' energy levels and ability to focus, and consider accommodations that may be needed to support them during this time.

Additionally, we can foster a more inclusive and understanding environment by promoting awareness and understanding of the Islamic faith and its practices. This can include activities such as learning about the significance of Ramadan, inviting students to share their experiences, and also hosting interfaith events. During this week’s Student Senate meeting, I was impressed when two students of Jewish and Muslim faiths shared their interests in building greater understandings of different religions and cultures on  our campuses. They are designing thoughtful, creative opportunities (in collaboration with site leadership) to educate and inform students and staff in our district.  As we strive towards creating an inclusive and welcoming school community, I encourage all members to take this opportunity to learn about and respect the practices and beliefs of our Muslim students and families. Together, through empathy and understanding, we can build a stronger and more inclusive community.

- Eric


Diane M. Frost, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Narcan Training in our Schools
This fall, the Board approved the purchase and placement of naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray for all of our district schools. Naloxone hydrochloride, commonly known as Narcan, is a life-saving medication that can stop or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Given the epidemic levels of opioid abuse and overdose in this country, the California Legislature adopted Education Code section 49414.3, granting authority to school districts to allow school nurses, or trained personnel who have volunteered, the ability to administer naloxone or an opioid antagonist to someone suffering, or reasonably believed to be suffering, from an opioid overdose. District nurse, Grace Van Doren, has been working to implement this board action and the purpose of this communication is to provide you with an update.

We received our order of Narcan for each of our schools and our nursing  team created a kit for each school as well as locations at the district office. On Monday, March 12, over 50 staff members, representing schools throughout our district, participated in a voluntary training that will enable them to administer this life-saving medication. Following this training, the kits were distributed to each school site. We believe that the availability of Narcan at our school sites is an added layer of safety for our campuses.

Preschool Openings
Student Support Services is pleased to offer an Inclusive Special Education Preschool class at C.L. Smith Elementary School in the 2023-2024 School Year. We are looking for preschool students with age appropriate social, speech and language skills, combined with a willingness to participate in a variety of preschool activities to learn and grow as peer models alongside preschoolers with more specialized needs. Please see this flyer for additional information.

New COVID Protocols
CDPH, SLOPH and CalOSHA continue to make changes in the recommendation and requirements regarding COVID positive staff and students. Most recently, isolation periods and other requirements were reduced for staff per Cal OSHA, and SLOPH dropped their isolation order after the isolation requirement went from 10 to 5 days for our students.  

SLCUSD Student Protocols:  Illness and Isolation Protocols March, 2023

Summer Experience 2023
Elementary and middle school parents can expect an email notification from the Summer Experience planning team as to whether their child will have a spot in this year’s program soon after Spring Break.  The team is currently processing the 1600+ requests and creating class schedules for our 5 different school sites.  We are hopeful that we will be able to accommodate all students who want to participate providing we can staff accordingly.  Please stay tuned to your email.  

As a reminder, the deadline for high school students to request a summer class is April 14th using this SURVEY: ENGLISH  SPANISH.  Your school counselor will enroll you in the summer program once they confirm your request with you. 


Ryan Pinkerton, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Bus Drivers Wanted
San Luis Coastal is looking to train new School Bus Drivers.  No experience is necessary. We will train new drivers from the ground up. New classes will begin April 18.  Classroom training is free and behind the wheel training will be paid.  Feel free to call 805-549-1391 or email Phillip Tarver at with any questions!