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Instructional Services: Learning and Achievement

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Picture of a classroom wall with a tree and the word %22read%22 on it.
Picture of band class playing outside.
Picture of a pot of succulents.
Picture of students panning for gold.
Picture of books and resources in classroom.
Picture of a wall with the word %22STEAM%22 on it.
Students giving a presentation in front of class.

San Luis Obispo Unified School District (SLCUSD) has a long-standing commitment to educating the whole child. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, ethically, and socially. We encourage students to become active, engaged learners and responsible citizens. At each grade level our teachers challenge students and help them achieve academic and intellectual competencies. We have 10 elementary schools, including 3 choice schools, 2 middle schools, 2 comprehensive high schools, with one alternative high school. 

Instructional Services Learning and Achievement (ISLA) supports all learners preK-12, staff professional development, and adult education.

Rick Mayfield, Elementary Director

Photograph of Rick Mayfield, Elementary Director of Instructional Services

Leslie O'Connor, Secondary Director

Photograph of Leslie O'Connor, Secondary Director of Instructional Services