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Bilingual Education

Picture of teacher standing in front of classroom, holding up fingers,
Picture of bench with student handprints on it and a drawing of the world.
Picture of teacher and student talking at a table and working on reading.

SLCUSD offers elementary dual language programs in town at Pacheco Elementary, K-6 and at Baywood Elementary, K-1 (adding a grade each year) on the coast. SLCUSD has 25 years of experience providing bilingual education.

Students in SLCUSD’s dual language programs experience a 90/10 model of instruction. All students learn Spanish literacy with the goal of bilingualism by the end of their elementary experience. Students begin in  Kindergarten with 90% of their instructional day in Spanish, with 10% in English. In subsequent years, the ratio of Spanish to English decreases until students are 50/50 by fourth grade. We are developing middle school and high school pathways and students can currently obtain the State seal of biliteracy on their diploma.

The program is available to students throughout the district and all students are taught by qualified bilingual teachers. The program includes students who are native speakers of English, and Spanish amongst others. 

The goal of bilingual education in SLCUSD is to grow college and career ready students with high levels of proficiency in two languages. Such students possess high levels of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in both English and Spanish.


  • Being bilingual is good for the brain.
  • Students in a dual language program learn about and value biculturalism, bilingualism, and biliteracy.
  • Bilingual people have greater economic opportunities than people who don’t speak two languages.
  • Students in a dual language program learn about and respect other cultures and languages.
  • Students benefit from a dual language program most when enrolled for 6 years or more.

For more information, visit our dual language school websites: 

Pacheco ElementaryBaywood Elementary