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Strategic Direction

During the five Board strategy sessions, the Board discussed important goals for the District, both overall and by grade span, in recognition of the varied needs that students have at different ages. The following goals were identified by School Board members and District staff as important steps to improving educational outcomes for the District from 2021-2025. The Board and staff understand that any program reform efforts require ongoing progress monitoring to determine success. The following goals will include ongoing monitoring to determine effectiveness.

District Wide Goals

The following goals pertain to all grade levels and all sites across the district unless otherwise stated. Where appropriate, target dates for completion have been added. 

Measuring Success

The School Board and District staff will continue to strive towards their vision of preparing each student for a life of purpose. Focusing on all students, they will continue to create safe spaces to learn and promote high expectations for staff and students. They will evaluate progress using multiple, valid, reliable measures, and make changes when necessary. 

The District will continue to use state-mandated measures as well as local K-12 benchmark assessments. These measures are used in assessment cycles, where teachers collect student data, analyze the data, make changes based on their analysis, and then repeat the cycle to learn whether the changes are working to improve student outcomes. The District will continue to build teacher capacity for utilizing assessment cycles and to support assessment cycles for use in professional learning communities. 

The School Board and district staff will revisit this strategic direction every five years or as needed when major new information is identified. They will track progress in reaching the goals outlined on a biannual basis through their current Superintendent review process. District staff will present a “State of the District” report annually at the end of the school year to communicate progress towards the District’s goals.