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Pupil Services

Critical Incident Response Team

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Individual Instruction (Home/Hospital Instruction)

Individual (Home/hospital) instruction is available for any student who has a medical determination that requires an absence from school longer than 5 days. Instruction is provided in the home or hospital five hours per week, for a maximum of 45 days with a physician's documentation, to assist the student in completing classroom assignments. The medical evaluation must be made by a physician or psychiatrist. Applications are available at each school site.

Psychological Services

School psychologists serve the special education program by providing assessment and a written psycho educational study for every special education student for initial placement and at three-year reevaluation. In addition to assessment, they serve on each school's Student Study Team, facilitate special education placements, and provide consultation to teachers and assist administrator with threat assessments. They serve all children who live within the San Luis Coastal Unified School District from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is a secondary program designed to support students at risk for substance abuse, tobacco addiction, and social/emotional problems. The district contracts with the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services for counselors who provide counseling in the areas of grief, eating disorders, HIV education and other health-related issues.

Student Success Team

Legal mandates require that classroom modifications be made prior to a referral for special education services. The team that recommends these modifications is the Student Success Team. This ensures that the student has had every opportunity to have his/her educational needs met in the least restrictive environment. Each school has a Student Success Team of teachers and specialists who review the needs of all students at their school with social, emotional, or academic needs. When curricula modifications and various instructional strategies have not been successful within the general education classroom, the student may be referred for special education assessment or a 504 evaluation.

Threat Assessment Team

With a primary focus of safety on our school campuses, the Threat Assessment Team provides an immediate response to evaluate a student when he/she has made a written or verbal threat to an employee or another student. Led by the school administrators and the district school psychologists, the Team determines if a threat poses a danger to self or others and makes recommendations regarding support for the student.