College and Career Pathways

Initiative Ten:

Increase access to college and career pathways.

a. A measured component of the 7-12 counseling and guidance program will be to focus on increasing the number of students satisfying the University of California/‌California State University (UC/CSU) minimum a-g requirements for college admission. Counselors will develop programs and four-year plans that target this goal. A measurement system will be developed to assess this progress on an annual basis.

b. The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program will be fully implemented at each middle school and high school by 2012. The achievement of AVID students will by analyzed by cohorts to measure program effectiveness. The expectation is that 100% of these students will satisfy the UC/CSU a-g requirements, and that 100% will enroll in college and will graduate with a four-year degree.

c. By spring 2015, the percent of student subgroups who qualify for entry into the UC/CSU system will be as follows: a) English Learners AYP subgroup (2% to 42%); b) Hispanic students (26.2% to 66.2%); c) socioeconomically disadvantaged students (30.7% to 70.7%); d) white students (62.6% to 92.6%); and e) all students from 55.6% to 85%.

d. The district goal is to increase the number of students who complete the UC/CSU a-g requirements. To support students whose desires and/or aptitude will lead them to a technical career, the District will expand its array of elective and career technical education programs. An evaluation of the District’s elective and career technical education programs will be conducted annually.