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Monarch Grove Elementary
348 Los Osos Valley Road
Los Osos, CA 93402

Monarch Grove Elementary
Jim Scoolis


Monarch Grove Elementary

Monarch Grove Elementary

Principal's Message

Monarch Grove is blessed with three important components that, in combination, make for an outstanding elementary school: a highly skilled and dedicated staff and faculty, a state of the art facility, and supportive and involved parents. Our instructional program is organized in order to provide a well balanced, academically sound educational experience to all students. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners who respect the individuality of all people, who utilize technology and who contribute to the global community.

Students at Monarch Grove are active participants in learning activities that require them not only to apply acquired basic skills, but also to use inquiry, reasoning, critical thinking and to reflect upon the learning process. Educational technology is an important part of our program; it is organized, useful and plays an important role in the daily activities of our school. Interaction between the school and community is another important element of our school. Above all, we take pride in the fact this school is a supportive environment for children. As a result of these important elements our students level achievement is among the highest in the county.

- Jim Scoolis, Principal