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Strategic Initiatives for Student Success:
Relationships, Rigor, and Relevance

Research shows that successful schools provide rigorous academic coursework, relevant learning opportunities, and meaningful relationships with teachers who are highly qualified to engage students in the learning process and achieve at high levels. The District Strategic Plan Initiatives  for Student Success, adopted by the Board of Education April 5, 2011, were designed with the three Rs to enable maximum success for our students.

All Means ALL

Initiative One:  We will achieve substantial academic gains with specific student populations.  

This initiative is at the core of our efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of their backgrounds or challenges, have opportunities for success in our schools.

Culture of Care

Initiative Two:  Create an intentional culture of care.  

This initiative is designed to support the social/emotional well being of our students, ensuring that our students feel safe, are willing to take risks, and know that there are adults at the school who care for them.

Preschool and Transitional K

Initiative Three:

Develop preschool and transitional kindergarten programs.

Students who attend a high-quality preschool have distinct advantages as they enter kindergarten.  Providing success-for-all preschools at our Title I schools is the design of this specific initiative. 


Initiative Four:  Strengthen district-wide English/Language Arts program. 

A strong foundation in literacy is paramount to any successful education system.  Strengthening our English Language Arts programs in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking has become a priority.

Initiative Five:  Develop a world class program for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).  

The 21st Century world is heavily dependent on skills in the STEM fields.  We have designed learning experiences that engage students in these specific areas of study.  Additionally, we have incorporated the Arts into STEM because the Humanities are an integral part of how we view and exist in the world.

Accelerated Learning

Initiative Six: Create accelerated and specialized learning opportunities.

Ensuring that all students are engaged and challenged in our schools is our priority. We strive to support our most accelerated learners, both within and outside the classrooms.

Data Culture

Initiative Seven:  Establish a data rich culture.

We measure student success in a variety of ways.  We strive to create multiple measures of assessing students that demonstrate our success as educators including common assessments, standards-based report cards, performance-based assessments, teacher and principal evaluation, among others.

Classroom of the Future

Initiative Eight:  Create the classroom of the future.

Establishing 21st century model classroom at each of our school sites allow for innovation to evolve across the district.  We have installed wifi at all elementary and middle schools.  The LOMS STEAM program has implemented a 1:1 initiative with all students focused on the Google platform and a paperless infrastructure.  We look forward to these classroom innovations spreading to all of our campuses.

Empower Professional Groups

Initiative Nine:  Empower professional groups in SLCUSD.

We are a "people organization."  By developing leadership from within, San Luis Coastal has harnessed capacity from within its own professional ranks by way of instructional coaches, Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs) in the areas of Math, Literacy, Writing, Technology, Beginning Teacher Support, etc.  Two of our instructional coaches (teacher-leaders) have been promoted to the ranks of school principal over the last year.  Two principals have also been promoted  to district leadership positions.  

College & Career Pathways

Initiative Ten:  Increase access to college and career pathways.

Nearly 85% of our graduates enroll in college; however, we must improve access to career and/or technical pathways for our students.  Our focus is on collaborating with our community college partners to better articulate degree and certification opportunities that lead to good paying jobs.