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Nutrition Information

A nutritional analysis is prepared for the elementary lunch menus. Since the salad bars are self-serve, portioning is based upon a reasonable portion of each item offered. Many of the entrees and bakery items are prepared from scratch and manually portioned. Therefore, there is not the uniformity expected from a machine. Once in awhile, menu substitutions must be made. 

Here is the nutritional analysis of the elementary lunch menus, based upon our best estimate. For ingredient information, please contact the Food Service Office.

The elementary breakfast menus are on a one week cycle. Here is the nutritional analysis for the elementary breakfast menus. 

The middle and high school menu differs from the elementary in that many of the items are served daily. The nutritional analysis of the secondary breakfast menu can be found here along with the nutritional analysis of the middle school and high school menu.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Food Service Office should you have any questions.

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