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Please Support SB 1090

Wednesday, Jun 6th

UPDATE - 6/27/18 - SB1090 passed the Assembly Utilities and Energy committee with broad bipartisan support. The bill must now be considered in the Assembly Appropriations committee.

San Luis Coastal Unified School District continues to seek solutions to the loss of $8 million in annual revenue anticipated when the Diablo Canyon power plant closes. One effort was a negotiated agreement among PG&E and our school district, the cities, and the County of San Luis Obispo for a Community Impact Mitigation Plan (CIMP). This agreement would have provided $36 million to San Luis Coastal to help our transition until the former tax revenue ends. Unfortunately, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) declined to approve the agreement citing a lack of authority.

Our legislative representatives in Sacramento have been working hard with us to authorize and direct the CPUC to approve the CIMP. Senator Bill Monning and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham have co-authored SB 1090 to address this effort in the State Legislature. If approved, the agreement would provide $10 million as seed money for the San Luis Coastal Education Foundation and $26 million for transitional planning efforts leading up to the plant’s closure.

As of June 6, 2018, we are pleased to know this bill has passed through the Senate and is now before various Assembly committees on its path toward a legislative vote and the Governor’s review. It is important that our community share with our legislators the urgent need to pass this legislation. While the mitigation money remains local, we believe asking all ratepayers to fund the plan is fair and reflects the fact that they have all benefited from the power generated by Diablo Canyon over the last four decades, but the nuclear waste will remain within our boundaries for decades to come.

Please consider writing a letter of support for SB 1090 to Senator Monning and Assemblyman Cunningham.

Thank you for your support.

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